AFE Survivor Amanda Z.

Mar 12, 2019 | AFE Survivor

My Survival Story

On October 16th I went into the hospital to be induced. I wasn’t planning on an induction but was super excited. I had a perfect labor. Everything was going as planned through contractions and even up to my water breaking naturally. On October 18th, after many hours of labor, I was told I needed to have an emergency c section as the baby just wasn’t making progress and he was showing signs of distress. On October 18th around 3 am we prepped for surgery. My husband Julio and I were so nervous but excited. I had the perfect pregnancy (no weight gain, no morning sickness, no cravings) and we expected a perfect delivery as well. My husband was my rock through the surgery. He kept telling me how it was going to be great and we would be meeting our son very soon. AT 4:49am, the dr held our son over the apron and I got to see his sweet face for a mere second. My husband went to take his picture and show me a better view. He told me, “This is our son”. I smiled and as I watched my husband walk away to take another picture, I faded out. I woke up a little while later to a large team of people rushing around the room. One Dr. Was poking my forehead calling my name. He said, “She’s back!”. I was holding the anesthesiologists hand and realized she was crying. I told them I was able to feel everything at that point. My OB said they couldn’t give me anything after this last little but since I had received too much as it was. They could however put me under which later was told an induced coma in order to subside everything. I declined and said do what you need to do and if necessary I would accept a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. I remember being very cold and watching nurses run around with blood bags. With nurses and a team of others crying and trying to remain calm, I thanked them and asked them to keep checking on my family and telling them that I am ok.

It took 3 blood transfusions, 7 plasma transfusions, and 6 platelet transfusions to stabilize me. I suffered stage 4 acute kidney failure and spent 5 days in ICU. My husband was told that I had been stabilized but was not in the clear. I was seen by many doctors who with the right treatments, were able to help me start the healing process. My son was allowed to visit me for 30 min spans a few times a day. After 5 days, I was moved to the cardiac floor so I could room with my son. After a few more days of learning how to walk again and ensuring my kidneys were functioning enough, I was cleared to go home. 

After returning home, I noticed a lump form on my right wrist near an iv site I previously had while admitted. My husband took me into the ER and was diagnosed with 2 blood clots. One was a deep vein clot while the other was superficial. I was very emotional as I hadn’t fully recovered from my first hospital stay and now I was being admitted a second time. I was started on a heparin drip to thin my blood. After a day and a half, I was released and instructed to inject blood thinners until my clots were gone. 

I can say now that I no longer have blood clots but still suffer from other side effects from my AFE. I know it will take time but with the support I have found with this foundation and the guidance from Miranda, I can say that each day will get better

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