Supporting Families and Clinicians Impacted by Amniotic Fluid Embolism

What is an Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE)?

Amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is a sudden and unexpected life-threatening birth complication that can affect both mother and baby. Although poorly understood, it is thought to be the result of an allergic-like reaction to the amniotic fluid that enters the mother’s bloodstream, a normal part of the birth process. It most often occurs during labor or shortly after delivery.

Our Approach

Established in 2008 by an AFE survivor, the AFE Foundation is a non-profit organization that unites affected families, respected health care professionals, and world-renowned researchers to reduce maternal and infant mortality attributed to amniotic fluid embolism through 3 key initiatives:
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Connect those affected to timely information, helpful resources, and other families.

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Advance clinical research to aid in better treatment, diagnosis, and prevention.

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Provide education and expand knowledge of amniotic fluid embolism for patients, families, and the medical community.

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Our Impact

Our outreach, education, and research initiatives are undoubtedly bringing us closer to ending AFE. Learn More About Our Impact. 

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“The AFE Foundation has meant the world to me during my recovery for the past decade. It has provided support through its online community and created a sisterhood that helps me know I am not alone. It has also given me hope in knowing they are working to find the answers so many of our families deserve.” – Gia.

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Our Perspectives

Sharing the unique experiences and reflections of those personally impacted by AFE. 

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AFE Survivor


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The AFE Foundation is entirely funded by donations. Every dollar goes directly toward our support, research, and education programs. We are committed to turning donations into action, including yours.