Young Girl Raises Funds for AFE Awareness

Dec 17, 2018 | AFE News, AFE Stories

In October 2017, Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE) survivor, Kristy Keating suffered an AFE during the birth of her daughter Vivien. Kristy is a cheer coach, and at 33 weeks, she began to bleed while at a cheer competition for her older daughter. She ended up having an emergency C-section, and went in to cardiac arrest, DIC, and suffered from a pulmonary embolism. Both Kristy and Vivien were extremely fortunate, and both survived this traumatic birth complication.

AFE often has an impact that reaches far beyond immediate family members and caretakers. In this case, it was Adriana Esposito, Kristy’s daughter’s 8-year-old friend and cheerleading teammate, who was deeply affected by “Miss Kristy” becoming so ill during her delivery. Adriana, being the selfless, little girl she is, knew she had to do something to honor her beloved coach and her new baby girl. She began making pink and teal wish bracelets and sells them via video on Facebook. This special hero has created and sold 300 bracelets raising $500, all of which goes directly to the AFE Foundation!

Kristy, is so grateful for all that Adriana has done, and recently told the AFE Foundation that “Adriana is a fourth daughter to me. She is so special, and there truly aren’t enough words to describe a girl like her. She is an “old soul”. She is the most kind, giving and empathetic person I’ve met in the entire world. It is an honor to know and love her. My eight year old daughter, Olivia came home from school just last week and said to me “Mommy, today we learned what selfless means. Adriana is the most selfless person in the world”, and she is exactly right. We simply adore her.”

Adriana’s mom Joanna, shares, “Adriana has always had an incredible bond with Kristy and was very excited to meet her new baby cheer sister Vivien. When they both got sick she was worried for both Kristy and Vivien, and also sad to see her friends Olivia and Sophia missing their mom. Making the video and selling the bracelets in honor of them was her way of helping other families affected by AFE.”



Give us a T give us an H, give us an A, give us an N, give us a K, give us a Y, give us an O, give us a U…What does it spell? THANK YOU!!

Adriana, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank YOU for being such a special supporter of the AFE Foundation, and for being such a good friend to Miss Kristy, Olivia, and their entire family. It’s with the help of friends like you, that we will one day, #ENDAFE. Watch Adriana in this adorable video

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