Our Events

As a patient advocacy organization dedicated to a rare condition, grants and corporate funding are exceptionally difficult to be awarded. Fundraising and awareness events are the lifeblood of our organization.

Families from across the globe have organized running, walking, and biking events, golf, bowling, and washer tournaments, and chili cook-offs and food tasting galas.

These events have allowed families to promote community awareness, remember a lost loved one, meet other affected families, and contribute to meaningful programs and research initiatives in significant ways.

Our community is strong, resilient, creative, and motivated to #endAFE. If you are interested in creating a fundraising event or need help getting started, we’d love to help! Contact our Director of Development, Katy Imbrogno katy@afesupport.org to set up a call.

Help us #endAFE!

The AFE Foundation is entirely funded by donations. Every dollar goes directly toward our support, research, and education programs. We are committed to turning donations into action, including yours.