AFE Stories

Below are the personal stories of women and their families who have been affected by or lost to amniotic fluid embolism (AFE). Each story is unique and offers insight into what others have experienced. Our desire is to feature these stories to lessen the feelings of isolation that often accompany AFE.

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Lacey, A Nurse’s Tireless Devotion to Her Patient

“Oh, you’re a labor and delivery nurse? What a fun and happy job! I wish I could snuggle babies all day long!” It took exactly 10 weeks and three days into my nursing career to realize what an offensive statement that is. In March 2020, I graduated from nursing school with the sole intent of...

Photo of a nurse, Lacey

AFE Survivor, Allison C

My AFE happened in December 2012 when my 3rd boy was born. I went to hospital to be induced on the 19th of December as there wasn't going to be an OB/GYNs at the local hospital over the Christmas period. The next evening on the 20th, at 6.30 pm, my beautiful boy Levi was born. Shortly after, I...

Alison Coombs, AFE Survivor with husband and 3 sons

AFE Survivor, Mimi S

In August 2021, I went to the hospital for a scheduled induction with my third child due to some mild pre-eclampsia. My delivery was progressing as expected when I suddenly developed a severe headache, nausea, and faintness along with having a very intense urge to push. The team didn’t think...

afe survivor mimi and family

AFE Survivor, Janessa P

On September 1, 2021, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. I was dilated 8cm when the fetal heart rate began to decrease and our girl was in distress. I was scheduled for an emergency Caesarean section. Brooklyn was born lifeless with no pulse. She was taken away and CPR was initiated and...


Sister Besties: Chantel + Toni Re’

Chantel was born in New York but lived in Trinidad for most of her life. She was a true “Trini to d bone!” A bit crazy and eccentric, she loved hanging out with friends, good food and the “greatest show on earth” Carnival! We met at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine in 2010 and...

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