AFE Stories

Below are the personal stories of women and their families who have been affected by or lost to amniotic fluid embolism (AFE). Each story is unique and offers insight into what others have experienced. Our desire is to feature these stories to lessen the feelings of isolation that often accompany AFE. Share your personal story! Select the appropriate form below.

For Survivors of AFE:
Surviving an AFE is a traumatic and life changing event. Please share your unique AFE experience Submit your story here. If you would also like to be featured on our special Instagram and Facebook series, Survivor Saturday, please submit your request here.

For those who have lost a loved one to AFE:
We recognize losing a loved one to AFE is devastating. Help further their legacy and voice by sharing their story. Our greatest desire is to help others recognize they are not alone in their journey towards healing after the loss of a loved one. Tell us their story here. If you would also like to have your loved one featured on our special Instagram and Facebook series,Memorial Memory, please submit your request here.

AFE Survivor Danielle B

After being a single mother for two years to my eldest son, Ethan, I didn’t think I would be having any more children until much later in life. However, I met my husband, Dylan, and a year later we were happily surprised with my pregnancy with our younger son, Oliver. I was going to try VBAC...

AFE Survivor Cathy G

On September 18th, I went into labor with our second daughter and headed to the hospital. Labor progressed throughout the night and the next day around 10 am I received an epidural and decided to take a nap. I woke up around lunch wondering where my husband was so I called him. He was grabbing...

afe survivor cathy and family

AFE Survivor Emily T

"You have the shortest chart I've ever seen." I remember those words like it was yesterday. My OB was joking about how healthy I was during my pregnancy, how everything my daughter and I were going through was "textbook on time." I was getting extra tests since I am vegan and that tends to make...

AFE Survivor Meg

I am 45 years old, Chinese, and I live in Germany.  I have two daughters, one was born naturally in Egypt in 2000, and the other was born dramatically on 22.10.2014 in Hamburg, Germany.  I have no memory of the day my daughter was born, and her father had to tell me the story of...

AFE Survivor Nicole

  February 7, 2018Butler Memorial Hospital, Butler, Pennsylvania It was 7:30 in the morning. I was scheduled for a repeat c-section. I work for my OB/Gyn, so I knew the surgeon and the physician assistant personally. The PA, Liz, was with me while they were giving me my spinal. She was...

AFE Survivor Brady

I was exactly 29 weeks pregnant and at work around 10am when I suddenly started bleeding profusely. I started panicking that I had a miscarriage and lost our baby. One of my coworkers rushed me to the hospital where my husband met us at the door. I had a placental abruption (when the placenta...

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