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AFE Stories

Below are the personal stories of women and their families who have been affected by or lost to amniotic fluid embolism (AFE). Each story is unique and offers insight into what others have experienced. Our desire is to feature these stories to lessen the feelings of isolation that often accompany AFE.

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AFE Survivor Annie

I was induced at 39 weeks pregnant on Sunday, March 22nd, 2020. For those unfamiliar with Covid-19’s progression of events, that was 11 days after Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic, 9 days after it was declared a national emergency, and 2 days after the first stay at home order was...

AFE Survivor Alicia S

I had my AFE with my first ever pregnancy and delivery in October of 2019. This required me to have an emergency C-section as my oxygen levels were dangerously low and my baby was in distress. My baby was taken immediately to the NICU. My husband was not able to be with me during delivery. I...


Ali + Katie: A Friendship

Best friends- they are the keeper of secrets, the ones to wipe your tears, share your dreams with, and who help shape your world views. They are often the ones right there helping families in the toughest of days. Katie shares with us about the loss of her childhood best friend, Ali, and how...

AFE Survivor Danielle B

After being a single mother for two years to my eldest son, Ethan, I didn’t think I would be having any more children until much later in life. However, I met my husband, Dylan, and a year later we were happily surprised with my pregnancy with our younger son, Oliver. I was going to try VBAC...

AFE Survivor Cathy G

On September 18th, I went into labor with our second daughter and headed to the hospital. Labor progressed throughout the night and the next day around 10 am I received an epidural and decided to take a nap. I woke up around lunch wondering where my husband was so I called him. He was grabbing...

afe survivor cathy and family

AFE Survivor Emily T

"You have the shortest chart I've ever seen." I remember those words like it was yesterday. My OB was joking about how healthy I was during my pregnancy, how everything my daughter and I were going through was "textbook on time." I was getting extra tests since I am vegan and that tends to make...

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