In Memory of Martha

Mar 23, 2018 | In Memory

In memory of Martha, a beloved mother of 2 from Kenya. ⠀

A mom before the age of 18, Martha quickly adjusted to the many responsibilities of having a child and matured into a dedicated and very loving mother. Her daughter Speranza was the light of her life. Although a bit reserved and quiet in nature, she was always happy and smiling. She was ambitious and ran her own business selling baby clothes. She was admired for her generosity and kindness. Her sister Regina reflects with sadness, “Martha gave without limits”. ⠀

After 14 years, Martha was so excited to have another child. She was prepared and bought everything she could possibly need. Sadly, she suffered an AFE during the birth of her precious son Moses and was never able to see or hold her handsome boy. She also was never able to say goodbye to her daughter. Moses, now 10 months, is healthy and thriving. Please join us in sending condolences from around the world to her family in Kenya. ⠀

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