In Memory of Jacqueline

Mar 23, 2018 | In Memory

In memory of Jacqueline. While in high school Jacque showed talent in singing and drama- and was the truest of ‘drama queens’! She found her calling while working as teachers’ aide in a school for children with special needs in Melbourne. Her time there inspired her to commence a teaching degree in Special Education – a goal she was never able to complete.
She was elated to become pregnant and was looking forward to being a mum to her little boy. Her love so apparent while she briefly held Angus before AFE took her at 27 years old.
Jacque had a smile that could light up a room and laugh that was contagious. Just look at her beautiful smile!
She is incredibly missed by those who knew and loved her. Join us in showing her family, friends, and students that her story has reached far beyond Australia.

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