In Memory of Megan

Mar 14, 2017 | In Memory

Megan’s life began in May of 1980, the younger daughter of parents Dave and Karen.  Her passion for life and giving ways were evident from day one.  From her family to her friends, Megan asked for little (or nothing) and gave everything she had. In March of 2012, Megan passed away from an Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE), giving the greatest gift of all – the life of her son Tosh in exchange for hers.

familyweddingMeg’s was bubbly, full of life, witty, athletic, creative, and a skilled karaoke singer.  That’s right, karaoke.  Joking aside, she did have an amazing voice to go along with her beautiful smile.  Growing up in Southern California, she was able to harness her talents – like soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, dancing and acting.  Spending most of her days enjoying the outdoors, Megan understood the beauty of her hometown, Dana Point, where she refused to ever leave the good weather, family and everlasting friendships.

Shortly after high school Megan decided to pursue her career as an esthetician, more exclusively a hair stylist.  This was truly her calling.  She was able to satisfy her creative talents, while befriending new clients, share stories and lend an ear to those in need… Which she was so good at.  Being a hair stylist also allowed her to have a flexible schedule so that she could devote the time away from the ‘chair’ to her son Cadyn.  Megan had Cadyn at the young age of 22, so she grew up quick and never looked back.  Cadyn was her everything and she would do anything to provide and support him.  She raised Cadyn with more love than you could imagine and had a calm and inexplicable understanding of parenting beyond her years… One of her many admirable qualities.

In the Summer of 2005 Megan was reacquainted with her high school friend, Jody, who recently moved back from San Francisco.  Megan and Jody had known each other since they were 13 years old.  They both had a mutual respect for one another and a lot of common bonds, so it was only natural that they would begin to hang out a bit more, share movie nights, American Idol, and stay up late talking to one another about, well, everything.  5 years later, Jody asked Megan to marry him and she was elated!

Being a couple for 6 years, they were ready to get married and grow the Meganfamily that they both so badly wanted.  In April of 2011 they got married and would shortly after get pregnant.  Once again, Megan was ecstatic… Jody too!  Both of them couldn’t be happier and spent the next few months preparing for the homecoming of Baby Tosh.  From preparing the nursery with the essentials and everything in between, Megan was adamant about about making sure everything was in place (and more) for the arrival of her baby boy.  She would also read her parenting blogs to Jody, almost every night, and what he could expect as a new father.  This was ever so helpful.

Tragically, on March 15th, 2012, Megan would suffer heart failure during her delivery, due to the complications of the AFE. Tosh was delivered via emergency c-section, unresponsive and not breathing.  He was resuscitated shortly after and suffered complications from oxygen deprivation (due to the AFE), where he was in intensive care for three weeks.  He’s made unbelievable strides and continues to thrive under the love and devotion of his Dad, their families and countless friends.

The gifts that Megan left behind, Cadyn and Tosh, will undoubtedly carry on her legacy through their spirits and memories of their Mom.  Her legacy also continues through a fund setup in the boys names, along with fundraisers to support the AFE Foundation, which her family has so generously supported. Altogether, more than $75,000 has been raised to support AFE research in her name. Megan was a one of a kind soul that will never be forgotten, forever loved and dearly missed.Cadyn, Tosh, Jody

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