Self Care after Traumatic Birth

Many have heard the term self care. It's in magazines, self help books, and even in the beloved motherhood bible, "What to Expect When Expecting". There is no doubt that self care is important. Most especially after surviving an unexpected traumatic birth. In this...

The Loss Of Your Best Friend: Living Without Paula

  In the fall of 1995, I was a sophomore at Kent State University and a member of Delta Sigma Pi.  I met Paula when she pledged my Business Fraternity. Mid semester, in a Statistics review session, we sat together and laughed and joked like we had known each other...

Brain Injury After AFE

The AFE Foundation offers resources targeted specifically toward families caring for a loved one who has suffered traumatic brain injury as a result of experiencing AFE.

Families in Crisis

Specifically for families whose loved one remains in the hospital, this guide will help families from the crucial moments after AFE through the hours, days and weeks following.

Help us #endAFE!

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