Inside the Survivor’s Guide

Connecting With Other Survivors

Suffering an AFE and birth trauma can feel extremely isolating. You are not alone! Connecting to others who understand can be an important part of your healing journey. Come join the sisterhood!


AFE Foundation Specific Support

The AFE Foundation offers several ways to connect with others. Our Facebook support groups help survivors and their family members connect with others who truly understand the challenges faced after surviving an AFE. We hope you’ll consider joining. As we always say, “Welcome to the sisterhood!”

AFE Foundation LCSW Facilitated Small Group Meetings on Zoom

Several times a month we offer small group peer support facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and birth trauma expert. Although it does not offer specific individual cognitive behavioral therapy, the meetings allow you to connect in a more personal way and learn from one other. Groups currently available: 

Recent AFE Survivors – Every 1st Thursday of the month 5pm PST/ 8PM EST Register Here 
AFE Survivors 1-5 Years – Every 3rd Thursday of the month 5pm PST/ 8PM EST Register Here 


AFE Foundation Survivor Directory

To help you connect with others who may share similar experiences and perspectives, we offer a password protected expansive and searchable directory and map. To get access to the directory contact us.

Community Based New Mom Groups

There may be new mom support groups in your local community such as at hospitals, community centers, libraries, or through social media meetups. These are wonderful ways to connect with other moms in your area. However, it is important to be mindful that members of these groups will most likely have had uncomplicated pregnancies and births and may not understand some of the complexities that encompass birth trauma and surviving an AFE.

Help us #endAFE!

The AFE Foundation is funded by donations. Every dollar goes toward our support, research, and education programs. We are committed to turning donations into action, including yours.