Loss of Sister to AFE Inspires Childrens Book

May 31, 2013 | Books on AFE

The Wonderful Gift is a children’s book written by Quinea Postel, who lost her sister to complications from an amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) in January 2003. The book is a tribute to two beautiful ladies in her life- Lisa the sister she suddenly lost and the niece she gained in that instant. Concerned of the day she would have to explain to her niece that her birthday was also the very day of her mother’s death, Quinea set out to tell a story that would help her through that challenging moment. The book introduces a character named Penelope, an angel who walked among us, whose life’s purpose was to deliver “the gift” of a child. It is a faith-based book for children of all ages and can help foster a conversation about the loss of a mother and the birth of a child.
The book and accompanying CD are sold for $17.95. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the AFE Foundation.

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For AFE Survivors:

  • Mental Health and Navigating Birth Trauma
  • Understanding Grief After A Near Death Experience
  • How and Where to access mental health services
  • Types of therapists
  • Recommended therapies
  • Assist in identifying local or online therapists 
  • Feeding and Bonding after Birth Trauma 
  • AFE Anniversaries
  • How to talk family and friends about what happened 
  • How to navigate toxic positivity
  • FAQ’s about AFE
  • Understanding what happened to your body
  • Hysterectomy recovery
  • How to access medical records
  • Research related questions
  • Pregnancy After AFE

Grieving Family Members:

  • Frequently asked questions about AFE
  • Stages of grief
  • AFE anniversaries
  • How to honor or memorialize your loved one
  • How to access your loved ones medical records
  • Research related questions
  • Understanding autopsy reports
  • Accessing grief resources

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  • Frequently Asked Questions PDF 
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  • AFE Clinical Summary Form
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  • Survivor Directory
  • How to access the Spotify Channel

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