In Memory of Linda

Mar 25, 2017 | AFE Stories, In Memory

Virginia-LindaOn May 30, 2008, our 28 year old daughter, Linda went to the hospital in labor. Shortly after her water was broken the baby’s cord prolapsed and Linda was rushed in for an emergency c-section. Here son, Mason, we was born blue, but came around quickly. A few minutes after Mason was born Linda’s blood pressure began to fall and they noticed she was bleeding heavily. Despite 40 minutes of CPR and many blood transfusion, Linda passed away. She was never able to see her beautiful baby boy.

The hours following would be life-changing for us. Struck with the most unimaginable grief we suddenly learned the realities of Washington State laws. Since Linda and Mason’s father were not yet married and because Linda was not able to sign the birth certificate naming the father, the hospital had 2 options; give the baby to the state or give the baby to the nearest relative. 14 hours after his birth, we took Mason home. Mason was NEVER a burden, he saved us. There was a baby that needed parents and parents that needed love. Virginia-Larry-and-Mason

We miss our daughter very much every day. Grief has become a part of our lives. Mason is a happy and healthy little boy. He is like his mom in so many ways and loves being a cub scout.

We believe if Linda had delivered at a larger hospital she would have survived. They simply were not ready to take on a true emergency like an amniotic fluid embolism.


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