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Jul 20, 2022 | AFE News


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July 18, 2022 – Carlsbad, CA – The Amniotic Fluid Embolism Foundation is grateful to receive grant funding from The Mulchand and Parpati Thadhani Foundation to expand clinician education, develop a State Liaison program, and build capacity for the AFE Registry and Biorepository. The award will support a structured state-level program to ensure the effective implementation of AFE education and a national awareness campaign to increase procurement of AFE specimens for vital AFE clinical research. 

One in every 40,000 births, or approximately 3,500 women globally per year will experience an AFE. Tragically, more than half will die. Although rare, it is a leading cause of maternal death and suffering in the United States and abroad.

“As we approach the 100th anniversary since its discovery, this funding will allow us to reach this milestone with greater understanding and a pathway to answers- ultimately saving lives!,” said Miranda Klassen, Executive Director of the AFE Foundation. 

Previously, research has relied upon the review of medical records of patients with a presumed diagnosis of AFE. While this explains trends, gaps in care, and areas for further study, it does not identify the true cause of AFE. To accomplish identifying the mechanism of this condition, biological specimens must be procured and examined.

Leading expert and researcher, Steven Clark, stated in his widely cited manuscript, “it is unlikely that review of case reports will lead us to answers and the greatest opportunity to advance our understanding of this condition is to support the efforts of the AFE Foundation’s AFE Patient Registry and Biorepository.”

The process of specimen procurement is complex and requires a 24/7 responsive intake process, quality control, and expedited shipment systems. These funds will support the additional resources and personnel to reduce maternal and infant mortality attributed to amniotic fluid embolism.

More about The Mulchand and Parpati Thadhani Foundation

The Mulchand and Parpati Thadhani Foundation was founded in 2000 by Sajni Thadhani to honor the memory of her parents.  Her brother, Ramesh C. Prabhu, served as Vice President of the Foundation and had a critical role in growing its assets. Both sister and brother have passed, but the Foundation strives to honor the founding vision of “leaving no one behind” in the achievement of economic, social, and environmental sustainability for the future of the planet.

The Foundation supports the efforts of non-governmental organizations working to eradicate poverty, promote universal education, achieve gender equality and end violence against women and girls, improve the health of people of all ages and ensure environmental sustainability.  

Sajni sought and achieved Consultative Status with the United Nations because she passionately believed that while the Foundation would support the work of grassroots organizations to improve lives and livelihoods at the community level, the United Nations was also essential in bringing together all nations of the world to partner with civil society in achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.

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