In Memory of Amanda

Aug 18, 2018 | In Memory

In memory of Amanda aka ‘Moo’. She was a beloved daughter, sister, aunty, wife and ever so briefly mother. She had recently married her husband Glynn after a whirlwind romance. She had mistakenly thought she was suffering sea sickness on their honeymoon cruise. Instead, she was pregnant! Nine months later, Amanda and Glynn were ready to welcome their baby girl.

As advised by her obstetrician, Amanda was scheduled for a Cesarean section for placenta previa (low lying placenta) and gestational diabetes. Willa Jayne safely came into the world as her beloved mother left. Unfortunately, she never got to hold her precious baby girl who she was so looking forward to meeting.

Amanda loved to travel and cook; she did both extensively. Her nieces and nephews remember her as their awesome Aunty Moo who could never do enough for them. She had a passion for reading and one of her favourite authors, Nora Roberts, which was the inspiration for her daughter Willa’s name.


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