Our Commitment to Equity

Jun 19, 2020 | AFE News

The AFE Foundation joins in solidarity with people of color, individuals, and organizations working to eradicate racism and implicit bias in maternal health.

We recognize and acknowledge that change is necessary to reduce racial bias in maternal health
and will act to foster that change within our organization and in our work.

We believe in and advocate for healthcare that is delivered equitably
and based on mutual trust, respect, and inclusion.

We remain committed to seeking opportunities and partnerships that will allow us to best support
AFE families who are at risk of being marginalized.

We will amplify the voices, stories, and lessons of our partners and leaders who are effectuating change
and reducing racial disparities in maternal health.

We stand firm in our mission to #endAFE and endeavor to improve maternal mortality and morbidity
with an inclusive and supportive approach.


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