In Memory of Molley

Mar 23, 2019 | In Memory

Molley at her wedding with her mom and sister.

A truly bright shining light, always smiling, loving, compassionate, every good thing–that was Molley. A dedicated wife, daughter, sister, family member, and sweet friend to all, Molley was ready to take on her most anticipated role yet as Braddock’s mother. Molley was born in Ruston, Louisiana, on April 16,1986, where she spent her childhood until moving to Baton Rouge in 1999. Molley made a lasting positive impression on all she met. Her smile and laugh could light up a room. She was everyone’s best friend. She was the greatest of organizers and completely dependable. She had become an exemplary employee at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and was much valued by her employer. She loved her pugs Murphy and Maverick. Molley and her sister Kiley had a loving relationship, a bond so strong that it is difficult to describe. She and husband Hunter enjoyed cooking at home and eating out, traveling, and watching sports and movies together. They hoped to have a large family with four children and were eagerly awaiting their first son’s arrival.

Molley and Hunter and baby Braddock

Molley’s labor began early on February 19, 2018 with much joy and anticipation—Braddock was finally going to be here! During delivery, however, Molley immediately began to suffer the effects of amniotic
fluid embolism and was in great distress. Miraculously, Braddock was born healthy and without any problems, however Molley was unable to overcome the fatal effects that AFE had on her body. Beautiful Molley passed away in the early hours of February 20, 2018. Braddock is a delightful child who shares his mom’s heart-warming smile and bright eyes. A happy baby, he is loved by many who will teach him all about his incredible mom and her legacy.

To honor Molley’s memory, and in joining the fight to raise awareness and funds for AFE research, the 1st Annual Mission for Molley Memorial Golf Tournament & Silent Auction was created. Organized by Molley’s closest friends and family, the golf tournament will host more than 100 golfers and attendees for the dinner and silent auction on the March 24th & 25th 2019 at Calvert Crossing Golf Club in Ruston, LA

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