In Memory of Michelle

Mar 25, 2017 | AFE Stories, In Memory

Michelle SmithIn the Spring of 2012 Michelle, age 39, learned that she was pregnant with her second child with a due date of 12/05/12. Michelle had a son, Jackson, born in April 2010 by C-section due to a breach. In June 2012 she was diagnosed with a placenta previa. On October 5, 2012 she was rushed to the hospital due to hemorrhaging, she lost over 50% of her blood and was given 2 transfusions. She was stabilized and went home on October 13 with complete bed rest. Late on November 1 she again was rushed to the hospital hemorrhaging for the second time. The doctors said she would have her C-section the following day. On November 2, 2012 she delivered Sydney Michelle, at 2:22 pm. The doctors discovered she had a placenta accreta and they need to due an emergency hysterectomy, she never got to see or hold Sydney. During the operation she went into cardiac arrest twice and they were unable to revive her the second time and she passed away 3:33 pm November 2, 2012. An autopsy was performed and the findings were that Michelle died from cardiac failure due to hemorrhage from the placenta accreta with probable AFE. Lung tissue was sent to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Their findings did conclude Michelle had suffered an AFE.

Sydney spent a week in the NICU recovering. Her and her brother Jackson reside with their Father, Jeff, and reside in Huntersville, NC.

We remember Michelle Smith Bridges as a beautiful and loving Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Grandaughter, Aunt, Niece, Boss, Co-worker, and friend to everyone who knew her. Michelle always had a smile whether she had a good day or bad. She never passed anyone up and was always so giving to all whose lives she touched in her short 39 years in this life. She is so loved and deeply missed by all who knew her!

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