In Memory of Latonya

Mar 18, 2019 | In Memory

It was October 5, 2007 my sister was home alone with her 3yr daughter doing laundry, talking to me we both were laughing and talking about the movies we were watching it was midnight and she said she’s going to get the last load of clothes and off to bed.5am I received the call that forever changed my life, “your sister is on the way to the hospital she’s not breathing”.my sister and baby Neice Jamela were already gone. We found out later it was around 2am when she passed her then 3yr old daughter stayed closely by her moms side, talking with her back then she kept saying “ma ma fell down” “I sit” on that night the father of her children came home at 5am and was greeted at the door by my Neice saying the same things “ma ma fell”. Back then I remember trying to go online looking for answers there was nothing I’m so happy for this group it has helped me thru many many nights & also help me to explain details to my Neice without scaring her Latonya & Jamela we’re both buried together and I know are at peace.We will forever love you.

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