Journey for Jules 2011

May 29, 2011 | Events

When: May 29, 2011
Where: Long Eaton to Blythe, England

Journey for Jules is more than just an event; – it is a physical display of one man’s journey towards healing
after losing his fiancé on what should have been one of the happiest days of their life together.

In April of 2010, Peter Brown of Nottingham, England became a new father. In the same moment, he lost
his beloved fiancé, Julie Welsh. Julie suffered a fatal case of amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) just moments
after giving birth to their only child, Isaac.

A longtime athlete, Pete, joined by his best friend Colin, set out to execute what few could even fathom.
They would run 180 miles (equivalent to seven marathons!) in seven days to honor Julie’s memory and
raise awareness of AFE. The journey would take them from their home in Long Eaton, Nottingham, to
Julie’s hometown in Blyth, Northumberland. The final day would end with a party to honor an incredible
woman – a black tie affair that would have made Julie proud.

Having been friends since the age of three, this would not be the first time Pete and Colin had set out to
challenge themselves physically. It would, however, prove to be the toughest test both physically and
emotionally that the two had ever faced. Friends and family helped plan the details and logistics that such
an event would require. It was determined that funds collected throughout the event would benefit the AFE
Foundation and Barnardo Children’s Charity, a local organization that was near and dear to Julie’s heart.

Pete and Colin’s journey began May 29, 2011, and started great with four other participants running along
with them for the first leg of the event. Throughout the next 125 miles, Pete and Colin relied on one another
and their close friend, Christopher, who provided logistical and emotional support throughout the journey.
They buoyed each other’s spirits as they pushed through the physical and emotional pain. The final leg of
the journey was shared with 12 other runners and was capped off with a celebration of life that would have
made Julie proud. There were nearly 300 in attendance. Julie was remembered for her warmth, compassion
and amazing smile. Julie’s story reached thousands through online and print media. Several spin-off
fundraisers resulted in additional funds being raised for the AFE Foundation. In all, more than $14,000
was raised to support the AFE Foundation.

Julie’s legacy lives on through Isaac and the memory of her extraordinary warmth and beauty. The many
lives she touched are evident from the many supporters who boosted Pete and Colin throughout their

Pete and Colin hope to set out again in 2013.

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