Inspirational Coloring Pages

Nov 23, 2021 | AFE News

Commissioned for the AFE Foundation by artist Liana Albers, these custom coloring pages are meant to inspire and nurture a creative outlet. Coloring and art therapy have been associated with decreasing symptoms brought on by physical and emotional stress and helping cope with depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief. Download, color, and share your art with us. Or, if you would prefer, Liana has also colored in both for you to simply print and display (Carry the Light and Be the Light) in your favorite place!

Carry the Light Coloring Page
Click on the coloring page to download and color.
Be the Light Coloring Page
Click on the coloring page to download and color.

*The Carry the Light page offers a space on the candle to include the name of your loved one.

Liana with her daughter

Liana from Maplewood, MN had to learn how to be a mom while relearning how to walk, talk, write and most importantly, paint and draw. A long-time artist and graphic designer, Liana suffered an AFE and stroke during the birth of her daughter Lydia and thought she would never be able to paint again. Although the AFE caused significant and lasting health complications, it hasn’t stopped Liana from keeping a positive attitude and a sense of humor. With great determination and many hours of rehabilitation, she was able to pick up the paintbrush once again. Her first piece is remarkable. Just two months after returning home, she painted this beautiful piece on self-reflection. Her message is, “Keep on pushing and don’t be afraid of what you think you can’t accomplish!”

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