In Memory of Carrie

Mar 9, 2018 | In Memory

Carrie was the kind of person that never met a stranger and saw the good in everyone. She was always willing to help anyone with anything and would give you her last dollar, morsel of food or lend a physical hand to anyone sometimes to a fault. She was also a huge animal lover but was particularly fond of sea turtles.

Carrie (Right) and her twin Crystal

Carrie was born an identical twin two minutes ahead of her sister. Her and her sister grew up very close all the way through adulthood even raising their son’s together so that instead of cousins they were more like brothers. Carrie worked for State Farm for a total of almost 13 years and customer service was her specialty. She helped many people over the years and some of these customers even became her friends. This is how she met her husband Aric.

When Carrie and Aric started dating, they had a long distance relationship due to Aric’s job. That didn’t stop them from commuting on the weekends to see each other. When Aric and Carrie got married, the small ceremony had to be moved inside her parent’s house due to an impending hurricane but that didn’t stop her. She arranged all the decorations the morning of the wedding without the blink of an eye.  Carrie’s son, Jacob, gave a surprise speech just before the reading of the vows that left everyone in tears.

Carrie and husband Aric

Ever the helpful person, Carrie decided to leave the insurance world and became a 911 dispatcher in the city of Virginia Beach. From the time she started, she wanted to make a difference not only in the city but to her coworkers as well. She became the photographer snapping candid shots of her coworkers to heading up birthday and anniversary gatherings. She loved to decorate people’s cars and lockers or offices.  Her coworkers all said that boosted their morale in a tough job setting. She won the Telecommunicator of the Year award voted on by her peers and ever the humble one insisted she didn’t deserve it. Even working all the crazy hours she found the time to do volunteer work. She worked with the local animal control and also enlisted her husband in participating as a volunteer for Project LifeSaver. She and her husband had 7 clients that they visited every month. The clients loved talking to her and she loved them.

Carrie and the rest of her family are also very creative. Carrie would design and hand make banners for people for any celebration She helped plan parties for folks who asked. She even had a gender reveal party at her house one week after she moved in. Ever the artist, she started making pallet signs in her very little spare time but enjoyed doing it.

After almost 4 years at 911 dispatch, she returned to a less stressful environment of insurance. As a matter of fact when she was offered the job she did not know she was pregnant with her second son Noah. She had to call the owners back and make sure they were ok with her going to be away in 8 months with the birth. They were more than happy. During that time Carrie designed the nursery and had everything in place 3 months before her Noah was to arrive.

Carrie at her baby shower

The morning Carrie went to the hospital, they had planned to induce her due to how “large” Noah was. Nothing ever seemed out of the ordinary. Thirty six hours later, she still had not had any movement and the nurses came to check on her. Not long after that she experienced her AFE. She never got to see baby Noah. Her 21 year old son lost his mother and had not gotten a chance to say goodbye. Noah has Carrie’s blue eye’s and personality which keeps the family going.

Carrie and Aric’s family are now actively trying to raise funds every chance they get. Carrie would be doing the same thing if she knew someone this happened to so now Aric feels that is what Carrie would want.

Carrie is missed by a lot of people but her legacy lives in hers sons and family. She will never be forgotten.

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